SATS test to include Times Tables by 2019

Students currently in Year 4 will be tested for the multiplication tables when they sit their SATS in Year 6. The first cohort for testing begins with those students sitting SATS in 2019. The BBC website article tells you more. Pupils to sit times tables check from 2019

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GCSE Merchant of Venice Shylock Essay AQA GCSE English Literature (8702)

Sample examination question showing top level 6 response for Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice question for 2017 AQA English Literature Examination Paper 1 (8702)

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AS Philosophy and Ethics – IVF and Reproduction

For all the AS or College-level students studying Philosophy and Ethics here follows a summary of sexual ethics with examples of the issues and how two areas of philosophy apply. Natural Law and Utilitarian Ethics. An examination standard practise question is at the end.

Whitsaturday dresses wedding mother and daughter.
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Poetry Essay: The Whitsun Weddings by Philip Larkin

The Whitsun Weddings is one of Philip Larkin's most famous poetry anthologies. This is an analysis of the poem The Whitsun Weddings, the meaning of the poem with historical references explained. The Whitsun Weddings Critical Summary by Philip Larkin - A Poem Analysis for AS/Alevel study. English Language and Literature analysis.

Videos of teachers dancing in the UK
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Top Videos of Funny UK Teachers Dance for School Leavers

Putting the 'd' back in education, this collection of school leaver videos made by teachers trends as the UK's latest internet video craze. Talk about maximising student engagement, enjoyment, making teaching a friendly and fun profession and most of all, showing a bit of heart, these leaver's videos for 2015 will put a smile on… Continue reading Top Videos of Funny UK Teachers Dance for School Leavers