Review: A book that is Romance with Brains!

A fellow WordPress review of The Tax Protest Love Romp in London has me all excited. Romance with brains is one way to describe this book. Are you sick of the same old romantic books without any respect for your mind or wit? It’s not just all about shirt’s off you know(though this book has that as well).

This book is a fabulous holiday read. A friend described it as really funny, and said the laughs are different to anything I’ve read before. The laughs are original and there’s some hugely cheeseball quotes you can take away running all the way through. It truly is a funny and unusual read.

Read the Review.

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On the back cover:

“The course of true love never did run smooth!

A romantic romp through St Paul’s during London’s Occupy protest of 2011. Jill St-Jane comes to a crossroads when the dashing Baron Chilcote blasts back into her world during the wildest tax demonstration London has ever witnessed. Artists, protesters, campaigners, politicians, London bankers, Romanian love rivals, tax-specialists, love-in specialists, bishops, spies, and Norwegian businessman become embroiled in a love-laced web of intrigue. The Tax Protest Love Romp in London shows how when it comes to love, complaining really pays off! This romantic comedy with a twist, this is the ideal read for anyone who enjoys side-splitting wit and humour, with a generous dash of romance to go with it.”

Romantic Comedy book The Tax Protest Love Romp in London
The Tax Protest Love Romp in London is available on Amazon

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You can, of course, get it in Kindle or Paperback too! Happy reading everyone.

Please write a comment below if you’ve read this wonderful book.


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