Videos of teachers dancing in the UK
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Top Videos of Funny UK Teachers Dance for School Leavers

Putting the ‘d’ back in education, this collection of school leaver videos made by teachers trends as the UK’s latest internet video craze. Talk about maximising student engagement, enjoyment, making teaching a friendly and fun profession and most of all, showing a bit of heart, these leaver’s videos for 2015 will put a smile on your face today.  Reminding us all that teaching is a calling and not just a profession, a special good luck and good bye to all the UK students out there graduating this year. Enjoy!

WARNING: You must like the song Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and co as it is the featured song in every video. UK teachers,  there seems to be some dancing rivalry out there!

UK Year 11 Leavers Charlton School 2015 – this is a fab effort to Uptown Funk. Well choreographed and very funny.

Bishop Gore Leavers Video for Year 11 2015 – another fab effort for Uptown Funk. Almost all the staff are in it and I so want to do Home Economics and Cooking with the teacher featured!

The Senior Management Team at Forfar school may just have started it all, using Uptown Funk to launch their behavioural initiative in May 2015. Crazy, funny, cool and some discipline to boot. My favourite bit is students earning ‘golden tickets’ for good behaviour.

Not to be outdone, the Year 13 leavers for 2015 at CSGC school made an Uptown Funk leavers video for the teachers! How nice!

These ‘told off’ teachers at Newbold School defy the stiff upper lip management and produce a dance video to Uptown Funk for their 2015 Year 13 leavers!

USA school does flashmob dance to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. The teacher who leads it all is fantastic!

FLASHBACK in 2014 Happy by Pharrell Williams was the favourite song of choice. Alec Hunter Academy does it best in this leavers video 2014. Led by the headteacher – that’s the stuff! Warning, includes space hopper action.


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