Lessons involve interactive activity, discussions, writing, analysing text and all aspects of the SATS and GCSE requirements tailored to your examination board.

  • KS2 SAT’s Year 6 examination programme
  • KS3 English curriculum
  • KS4 GCSE English Language 
  • KS4 GCSE English Literature text study

Pass English UK takes students who have a variety of goals. Some are wanting to go higher, get Level 9’s and go to Oxford.

Others have what is known as learning gaps from moving schools or countries. Second language students who may like to improve their grasp of English while they access the official curriculum are welcome. Adults included.

Students may have absence or illness issues. Anyone repeating GCSE English Lit/Lan and available for daytime sessions or perhaps in higher education college and needing to pass is very welcome to contact Pass English UK.

Some students suffer from absent teachers. They might be worried about securing a top English result or achieving a level 3 to 4 at GCSE and want to be sure they don’t miss out on passing. Students suffering behaviour and confidence problems, and/or school refusers are welcome too.

Tutoring hours run during the daytime and after school hours and provide English tuition for 11-18+.



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